Tech Updates June 2023

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June 29, 2023
Julian Dockhorn

Happy Pride!

This month we've had big progress on a couple inclusion-related features:

Some users couldn't connect to the closed caption service we're using, or had audio problems come up after having closed captions turned on for a while. We're very happy to say we've fixed both of those issues. We've also identified a circumstance that can prevent closed captions from starting up in some cases; the fix for that will be ready in July.

We updated the Video Resolution selector and the Video Compatibility selector, which you'll find in the entry area when you set your name and pronouns before entering an event. A few users with specific webcams have found they can only join rooms if they set the Video Resolution to the lowest setting. Some users noticed their video tiles would stack up instead of filling in a neat grid, so we've adjusted the way spacing is done to avoid that issue. We've discovered a couple more combinations of circumstances that can cause the same problem and we're expecting to fix those in the coming two weeks.

We're exploring automatically reducing resolution if joining a room fails at your selected resolution. Please let us know what you think about that, and about any other changes we're making.

We're very glad to have you with us on this adventure!


Julian & the tech team

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