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Versatackle makes it easy for your guests to move freely between conversations, presentations, and event overviews. See who else is at your events and have the conversations you want to have!

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That's ok! It took us some time to get used to. We chose it for a reason, though. It's called OpenDyslexic and it makes it easier for people with dyslexia and related neurotypes to read.
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A screen capture of an event invitation titled "GoOm Conference 2021." There are RSVP and Join event buttons. The invitation has a description, agenda, and presenter info. The background contains colorful swirls and shapes.
A screen capture from the RSVP page of an event invite. It includes fields for Going? (yes/no/maybe), Name, Prounouns, Email, Viewing privacy, and comments. The background contains colorful swirls and shapes.
A screen capture of an event overview page.  It contains an event description, an agenda, presentation and discussion rooms available, messages, and a Who's Here list.  The background has colorful swirls and shapes.
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