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Versatackle is an online event platform that lets your attendees move seamlessly between listening to presentations, participating in Q&As, and holding one on one and small group conversations.

As a company, we prioritize values like racial and gender equality, supporting consent culture, and welcoming everyone with accessible technology. We are still building and learning, so please let us know if you find ways we can live up to these values better.

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Why "Versatackle"?

A versatackle is a knot that helps you hoist a heavy load or tie down cargo. It's simple, effective, and self-locking, meaning once you have it set up, you can let go, and it will take care of itself. At Versatackle, that's how we want your event planning to be. We'll help you design an event that's customized to your needs and intuitive for your attendees, so the heavy lifting is easier and doesn't slip, even when you are hands-off.

So the next time you need to tie something down in your truck, use a versatackle. And the next time you need to make sure your ideas and connections stick, use Versatackle!

Our Founders

Robin Eastman,
Founder and CEO

A woman with curly blonde hair and pink skin smiles at the camera. She is wearing glasses, a black sleeveless shrit, and a silver necklace.

Robin is fundamentally a generalist who's focused on people. She wants to learn how we can use technology to build human connections and create the world we want to live in.

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Julian Dockhorn,
Founder and CTO

A person with pink skin and blonde hair underneath a dark grey baseball cap looks out a window. They are wearing glasses and a red button up shirt over a black undershirt.  There are two beverage containers on a table in front of them.

Julian is a software engineer, Scrum master, product owner, founder, and lifelong learner. Their priority is making sure we can quickly and accurately learn what's important, and what isn't.

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