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About Versatackle

Versatackle is a revolutionary way to hold conferences online that lets your attendees move seamlessly between listening to presentations, participating in Q&As, and holding one on one and small group conversations. We integrate the ways people intuitively connect into our platform, so you know that your attendees are getting the best possible experience.

As a conference planner, you will be able to see metrics for engagement, attendee connections, and feedback that will help you plan and execute an outstanding event.

As a company, we prioritize values like racial and gender equality, supporting consent culture, and welcoming everyone with accessible technology. This will help you attract a broad spectrum of attendees and give you confidence everyone will get the most out of the experience.

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Why Versatackle?

A versatackle is a knot that helps you hoist a heavy load or tie down cargo. It's simple, effective, and self-locking, meaning once you have it set up, you can let go, and it will take care of itself. At Versatackle, that's how we want your conference planning to be. We'll help you design a conference that's customized to your needs and intuitive for your attendees, so the heavy lifting is easier and doesn't slip, even when you are hands-off.

So the next time you need to tie something down in your truck, use a versatackle. And the next time you need to make sure your ideas and connections stick, use Versatackle!

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