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Two people smile at the camera, one with gray hair and one blonde. They both wear glasses and share many features: light pink skin, round faces, eye wrinkles from smiling a lot, hair wisps. The background is a cloudy sky over flat water.
Mom and me on a beach. I'm so excited how much easier it will be for mom to go when she recovers!
June 30, 2023
Robin Eastman

This year, I couldn’t go to the main Pride events in Seattle. I was in Ohio helping my mom with a much needed knee replacement surgery. I’m a little disappointed to miss out, but not much. 

I appreciate the joy of Pride. I love that people want to come together to celebrate. But I am also not much for big crowds. Most weekends, I’d rather pressure wash my basement than go out to clubs. 

I am proud, though. I’m proud of my queer community. I’m proud of the people who stand up over and over again to say with joy and defiance that we get to be who we are. That we will not settle for tolerance, we will take jubilation, thank you very much.

I’m proud of my queer family. I’m proud and incredibly lucky that so much of my birth and chosen family is LGBTQ2SIA+. I live in gratitude that I was raised on a steady diet of self-love and non-conformity. Queerness has always felt like home to me and I’m so thankful to the queer elders who have fought for that for me.

I’m also proud of myself this month. I got a chance to be my very kindest, most loving and patient self. I’m proud that I did the logistical and emotional work that had to happen for my mom to get the care she needed. I’m proud that I was the one she trusted to be there for her in her deep vulnerability. I’m proud that we got to have such a good time together, connecting, and laughing, and crying – all of it. 

Pride is about protests. Pride is about celebration. Pride is about taking care of yourself and the ones you love. 

I’m proud of you, mom. I’m proud that you are one of our queer elders. I’m proud of who you raised me to be. I’m proud that you did something big and scary and painful. I’m proud I got to walk along side you. 

Happy Pride, y’all. I hope all of you had a chance to celebrate Pride in ways that felt true to your most authentic selves. I got exactly what I needed this year.

A woman with gray hair and pink skin smiles at the camera. She is wearing a bright pink shirt with yellow, green, and purple dancing figures on it. There is an IV in her wrist. A blue whale stuffy is in her left arm. There is a window in the background with trees.
Mom at the hospital with her emotional support whale

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