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A protest march from the rear. There is a person in a purple raincoat and a bike helmet in the foreground and a red umbrella in the lower left. The protest stretches down a hill for several blocks.
Photo by Robin Eastman
June 24, 2020
Robin and Julian

With daily protests across the country and around the world in support of Black lives, there is increased scrutiny on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in business, as well as all other aspects of our lives. You have probably seen multiple emails and tweets from companies like Ben & Jerry’s, Starbucks, and even Gushers affirming Black Lives Matter. I’m also seeing responses ranging from appreciation, to laughter, to “Too little, too late.” As a company, we chose to speak up as well. Not because we believed our small voice was significant, but because its absence would have been.

We also know that words without action are meaningless.

To this end, we have been focusing on the purposeful next steps we can take. We are a new company that cares passionately about DEI. We are also a small company that is currently all white. We do not think that it is our role to lead in this world-changing time, but to follow with integrity and purpose. To that end, we’ve decided to be transparent about our principles, decisions, and next steps. We intend to learn and grow publicly, for both accountability and to help others learn with us.

We also invite feedback. Please let us know what you see. Where do we need to do better? What are we missing? How can we align our values and our actions better? We appreciate your criticism in whatever form it takes, as we recognize it’s not the job of marginalized people to look after our feelings.

We affirm these values

This list is not meant to be all inclusive, but to highlight our belief that centering marginalized people is what leads to the best outcomes.

Our values have led us to the following choices

Here are some of our next steps

We are certain that something we’ve said here will turn out to be problematic, but staying silent would be worse. We choose to seek growth. We invite you to journey with us and we appreciate everyone who helps us learn as we go.

This is all a work in progress, as are we all.

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