International Women’s Day

Three femme presenting people smilebroadly at the camera. All three have dark hair and their skin tones range from dark to pale. Two wear yellow tops and one wears a blue dress. Two have visable tattoos.
Photo by Radomir Jordanovic via
March 8, 2023
Robin Eastman

At Versatackle, we actively support the empowerment of women. We acknowledge that means we must (and do) actively support Trans women, Black women, Disabled women, impoverished women, women who do sex work, women who do care-taking work, women who live and work in actively hostile environments, and, especially, women who live at the intersections of these. We also support the non-binary and gender fluid people who are impacted by sexism and other disempowerment.

We see that supporting women means more than supporting individuals. It means changing systems and structures that disempower and marginalize women, non-binary, and gender fluid people.

We are not free until all of us are free. We are not empowered until all of us have power.

In solidarity, now and always,


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