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May 16, 2022
Robin Eastman

We are looking to hire someone for a part-time contractor position ~20 hours per week, $20/hour

This person will assist in developing and implementing sales and marketing for an early stage startup. 


The job in a nutshell: We need to market our product better and increase sales. We have a very small team. Our co-founder and CEO has education and experience, but startups are hard, pandemics are hard, working from home alone on a startup in a pandemic as an extrovert with ADD is very hard. We need someone to work with her directly to get stuff done and move us towards having people use the cool product we have been developing.  Right now, our funding level means this needs to be a part-time job.  Our hope is that this person will be able to work themselves into a full-time role with benefits by increasing our sales. 

Potential projects include:

What a day at the job will look like:

Education requirements:

Previous experience:

Hiring process:

Location: Seattle, with the potential to work in person at least some of the time preferred. Remote work a possibility. If you would prefer or need to work remotely, please be prepared to talk about what your needs are and how you envision co-working.

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