Do your worst

A basketball hoop with a ball stuck in the net. Green trees in the background.
We were gifted a basketball hoop. You can see it here, modeling doing its job imperfectly
May 31, 2023
Robin Eastman

There are some lessons you have to learn over and over in life. One of mine is: do the worse version. 

Most recently, this has popped up with exercise. I know a reasonable amount about exercise and how to adjust it for different goals. I know about heavy weight/low rep vs. low weight/high rep. I know about free weights and good form. I could build up a really good fitness plan that would maximize my results.

But the thing is, I haven’t done it. And I’m not going to do it. So instead, last week I started doing a few stretches and bodyweight exercises to improve how my body feels and functions. They would almost certainly work better if I planned more and did 3 sets of each and, and, and… 

Except that they wouldn’t work better, because I would get bored, and not follow through and prioritize other things, and then feel bad about not following through. So this version is the best one for me. Because it’s the one that works here, in this reality, where I have competing priorities, and a brain that likes to jump around, and am older than I used to be. 

We don’t always have to do our best. Sometimes, we can just do a little and feel a little better for it.

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